Polyurethane Adhesive for EPS TO-KPS

Polyurethane Adhesive for EPS TO-KPS

  • easy, convenient and quick to apply
  • clean to use
  • studding as early as after 2 hours
  • perfect adhesiveness to mineral surfaces and to EPS
  • high durability
  • perfect thermal insulation properties
  • eliminates thermal bridges
  • does not contain solvents and freons
Termo Organika

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TO-KPS adhesive for EPS is part of the Termo Organika® thermal insulation system for affixing EPS to mineral base surfaces, e.g. reinforced concrete prefabricates, concrete, ceramic, Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA), and aerated concrete elements, natural stone, cement, lime and cement/lime plasters, and similar surfaces and to wood, metals, bituminous membranes. It can be applied in thermal insulation of both new and renovated buildings.

TO-KPS adhesive can also be applied to affix plasterboards, panels, lacunars, window sills and elements made of extruded polystyrene (XPS), and mineral wool.

Technical data

Adhesiveness to surface:≥ 0,3 MPa
Adhesiveness to EPS: ≥ 0,01 MPa
Open time (adhesion ability time):≤ 5 minutes
Temperature of application and of the base surface: +5°C ÷ +35°C
Hardening time: Approx. 2 h*)
Yield of the adhesive:Approx. 8 m2 - affixing insulation
Approx. 15 m2 - affixing plasterboards depending
on the evenness of the surface
12 months from date of manufacture. The product should be stored and transported in a dry place, valve up, in a temperature of between +5°C and +35°C.

*)in relative humidity of 55%, higher humidity makes this duration shorter

 Preparation of the Surface

Every surface must be compact, smooth, loadbearing, dry, clean and without any film (grease, dust, etc.) which would reduce adhesiveness. Remove old “loose” plaster, peeling paints and other dirt. Minor uneven spots and cavities may be repaired with TO-KS or universal TO-KU adhesive. Repairs of the surface should be complete at least 1 day before the EPS boards are affixed.


  • Before application, the temperature of the can and its content must be between +5°C and +35°C;
  • Shake the can vigorously for about 30 seconds. Additionally, shake from time to time during application;
  • Screw the applicator gun firmly onto the valve;
  • Press the trigger and adjust the adhesive quantity;
  • Moisten the surfaces on which the adhesive is to be applied but do not make them wet;
  • Do not unscrew the gun before the can is completely empty;
  • Clean the applicator gun with special cleaners, e.g. DOW Great Stuff Pro.

In thermal insulation systems, apply TO-KPS polyurethane adhesive on a board in a strip of approx. 3 cm circumferentially at a distance of approx. 2 cm from the board edge, and additionally one strip along the middle of the board in parallel to the longer sides or in a M-shaped strip. Immediately after applying the adhesive (within 3 minutes), affix the EPS board onto the wall, press and adjust it with the use of a long batten. As a result, the adhesive should cover at least 40% of the board’s surface. The boards should fit tightly one to another. The subsequent rows should be off-set in relation to the previous ones so that the board joints are in a staggered arrangement. Any gaps may subsequently be filled with TO-KPS polyurethane adhesive. The board arrangement may be adjusted during the next 5 minutes or so. When boards are affixed on vertical surfaces, baseboards should be used. The affixed boards should additionally be fastened mechanically with studs (at least 8 studs per 1 m2 i.e. at least 4 studs per board).
Where TO-KPS polyurethane adhesive is used to affix plasterboards or circumferential boards to insulate the foundations, apply the adhesive on the wall surface with strips of 3 cm at distances of approx. 25 cm. During the work the temperature of base surface and of the environment should be between +5°r;C and +35°r;C.


The product contains isocyanates. Avoid contact with skin and do not inhale the gases which may cause an allergy. Do not inhale atomized liquid. It irritates eyes, respiratory system and skin. During work wear protective clothing and eye protectors. The product is extremely flammable. Do not use near fire and sources of ignition. Do not atomise towards the direction of a flame or heated materials. Protect against temperatures of more than +50°C. Pressurised container. Do not puncture the can during or after use.

 User safety

In addition to the above recommendations, follow good building practice and work-safety rules. The manufacturer warrants the quality of the product but has no influence on the manner, place and conditions of its storage and application. Building work should be done by professionally qualified contractors.

Technical sheet Polyurethane Adhesive for EPS TO-KPS(0.14MB)pdf  download
Certificate No 071/2021 of Type II Environmental Declaration (ETICS)(1.19MB)pdf  download


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