GOLD fasada (facade)

GOLD fasada (facade)

  • external thermal insulation done by means of ETICS (light-wet method, BSO)
  • external thermal insulation done by means of light-dry method
  • thermal insulation on the surface of stud walls
  • thermal insulation in the enclosed slot of cavity walls
  • thermal insulation in the ventilated slot of cavity walls
  • insulation of tie beams, lintels
  • insulation of balcony loggias
  • thermal insulation of window jambs
  • thermal insulation of window lintels
  • thermal insulation of any layered walls
  • continuous outer layer thermal insulation on plinth walls
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The product complies with the harmonized standard EN 13163:2012.

GOLD fasada EPS S    EPS-EN 13163-T(1)-L(2)-W(2)-S(2)-P(5)-BS100-DS(N)2- DS(70,-) 2 –TR100

Those are „spotted” white boards with increased insulation parameters produced by foaming polystyrene and intended for thermal insulation of walls, including thermal insulation of facades. The boards may be produced with flat or milled edges enabling proper fitting. The boards are manufactured in standard dimensions: 1000 mm long, 500 mm wide, 10 mm thick, and then every 10 mm.

Polystyrene subjected to voluntary certification and recommendation procedure at Building Research Institute (Polish: ITB), not resulting from the system of assessment and verification of performance constancy.

Declared properties of GOLD fasada expanded polystyrene boards:

Dimension tolerance classes:  
  • thickness
  • T(1)± 1 mm
  • length
  • L(2)± 2 mm
  • width
  • W(2)± 2 mm
  • rectangularity
  • S(5)± 5 mm/m
  • flatness
  • P(5) 5 mm
    Bending strength levelBS100≥ 100 kPa
    Class of dimensional stability under constant normal laboratory conditionsDS(N)2± 0,2%
    Level of dimensional stability under specified temperature and humidity conditions (temp. 70°C, 48 h)DS(70,-)2 2%
    Tensile resistance to a force perpendicular to front surfacesTR100≥ 100 kPa
    Declared thermal conductivity ratio λdekl. at a temperature of 10°C0,038 W/(m*K)
    Fire reaction classE

    Declared value of thermal resistance RD depending on the thickness of GOLD fasada boards

    Thickness, mm102030405060708090100
    RD, m2K/W0,250,500,751,051,301,551,802,102,352,60
    Thickness, mm110120130140150160170180190200
    RD, m2K/W2,853,153,403,653,904,204,454,705,005,25


    The EPS foam boards should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, RTQ ITB 1261/2013 Technical and Quality Recommendations, and guidelines included in a construction design. After having been fixed to an external wall, EPS boards should be immediately covered with an outer layer: reinforced layer and plaster of thermal insulation systems, facade panels in cavity walls, etc., with the aim of protecting the EPS against the direct influence of weather conditions (UV radiation) which have a destructive effect on the EPS surface. GOLD fasada boards have the increased resistance to UV rays (orange protecting filter); however, due to a long-term exposure to atmospheric factors, the surface layer of boards can be covered with yellowish, thin covering. In this case, before a reinforced layer is applied by means of ETICS, remove the covering with fine sandpaper or a polisher until there are no loose particles weakening the adhesion to the polystyrene on the surface. In order to fix GOLD fasada boards, use TO-KPS polyurethane adhesive (together with mechanical fasteners) or TO-KS adhesive. To apply a reinforced layer, apply TO-KU universal adhesive or TO-KUB universal white adhesive and TO-S145 or TO-S170 mesh.


    Do not use the EPS boards in direct contact with the substances having a destructive effect on polystyrene EPS, such as organic solvents (acetone, benzene, nitro), etc.

     Package, storage, transportation

    GOLD fasada boards are supplied only in the original manufacturer's packaging. The label on a package contains the following information: the name of a product, the manufacturer's name and    a factory name, the date of production,  EN 13163:2012   standard number, a code compatible with that standard, and declared technical features. GOLD fasada boards should be protected against damaging and weather conditions.

    Certificate No 071/2021 of Type II Environmental Declaration (ETICS)(1.19MB)pdf  download
    Certyficate of conformity ITB-851W(2.62MB).pdf  download
    Certification Mark(0.75MB).pdf  download
    Declaration of Preformance GOLD fasada 005-DoP-180306(1.62MB)pdf  download
    Certificate No 233/2021 of Type III Environmental Declaration(1.16MB)pdf  download


    Universal Adhesive for EPS TO-KU
    Polysilicate Plaster TO-TP