Polysilicate Primer TO-GP

Polysilicate Primer TO-GP

  • ready to use
  • improves the adhesiveness of polysilicate plasters to base surfaces
  • prevents efflorescences and blotches on the plaster surface
  • does not contain solvents
  • reduced pH
  • for outside use
Termo Organika

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TO-GP primer for polysilicate plasters is part of the Termo Organika® thermal insulation system. It is intended for priming the reinforced layer before placing TO-TP polysilicate plaster. It may also be applied to prime other base surfaces, e.g. concrete, plasterboards, wood-like panels, painted surfaces, before applying TO-TP polysilicate plaster.

Technical data

Temperature of application and of the surface:above +5°C
Estimated consumption:approx. 0,2 ÷ 0,3 l/m2 *)
Estimated yield: approx. 3,5 ÷ 5,0 m2/l *)
Drying time:approx. 12 hours**)
Storage: 12 months from date of manufacture, in original, sealed packaging, in dry and cool conditions. Do not store the palettes one on top of another. Protect against frost.

*) Depending on the smoothness and absorbency of the surface
**) Depending on humidity and temperature. Low temperature and high humidity can make this duration longer up by several times.

 Preparation of the Surface

Every surface must be compact, smooth, loadbearing, dry, clean and without any films which would reduce adhesiveness (grease, dust, etc.). The reinforced layer may be primed after a minimum of 3 days after it is made. Clean and level other surfaces before applying TO-GP primer. Remove old “loose” plaster, peeling paint and other dirt. Minor uneven spots and cavities may be repaired e.g. with TO-KU universal adhesive. Surfaces made of concrete, cement or cement/lime plasters may be treated with TO-GP primer after approx. 28 days. Do not apply the primer onto strongly moisturised and frozen surfaces.


Mix the content of the container thoroughly. Apply TO-GP primer once with a brush or a roller. Plastering can start after the primer is completely bonded with the base surface, no earlier, however, than after 24 hours after the priming has been completed (in adverse conditions, this duration may be extended). Do not use rusted or dirty tools. Rinse off fresh smudges with water. After it dries, the primer can only be removed mechanically. Do not mix the primer with other preparations, plasters, mortars, pigments, additives, etc. During the work and the drying of the primer, the temperature of the surface and the environment may not be lower than +5°C.


In case of contact of the product with eyes or skin, rinse them with plenty of water and consult a doctor. Keep away from children. During work, wear protective clothing and eye protectors.

 User safety

In addition to the above recommendations, follow good building practice and work-safety rules. The manufacturer warrants the quality of the product but has no influence on the manner, place and conditions of its storage and application. Building work should be done by professionally qualified contractors.

Certificate No 071/2021 of Type II Environmental Declaration (ETICS)(1.19MB)pdf  download
European Technical Assessment ETA-15/0660(0.63MB)PDF  download
Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control 1487-CPR-042-06(0.69MB)pdf  download


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