SUPER AKUSTIC-podłoga (floor) boards are designed to place an insulation layer under the floor in floating floors, in order to damp impact sounds. These boards can be used in spaces where the floor load does not exceed 4.0 kN/m2 (400kG/m2).
Floating floors with SUPER AKUSTIC-podłoga (floor) boards can be applied in multifamily and single family housing, public buildings, both newly constructed and redeveloped.

Termo Organika

The product complies with the harmonized standard EN 13163:2012.

SUPERAKUSTIC podłoga EPS T    EPS-EN 13163-T(1)-L(3)-W(3)-S(5)-BS50-DS(N)5-DS(70,90)5-SD(20-40)*-CP(3)

Sound-absorbing SUPER AKUSTIC floor expanded polystyrene boards is a special elastic variation of EPS produced with a polystyrene foaming technology. The SUPER AKUSTIC floor board is available in the dimensions of 1000 x 500 [mm]. Thickness of the boards: 17/15, 22/20, 27/25 33/30, 38/35; 43/40, 53/50 [mm] (uncompressed thickness / thickness under the load of a cement screed of 50 mm in thickness.

* The level of dynamic stiffness depends on the thickness of the board. 

  •   27 dB (boards 17/15 mm)
  •   29 dB (boards 22/20 mm)
  •   30 dB (boards 27/25 mm)
  •   32 dB (boards 33/30 mm)
  •   32 dB (boards 38/35 mm)
  •   33 dB (boards 43/40 mm)
  •   34 dB (boards 53/50 mm)

Polystyrene subjected to voluntary certification and recommendation procedure at Building Research Institute (Polish: ITB), not resulting from the system of assessment and verification of performance constancy.

Declared properties of SUPERAKUSTIC podłoga expanded polystyrene boards:

Dimension tolerance classes:  
  • thickness
  • T(1) -5% or -1mm/+15% or +3 mm*)
  • length
  • L(3) ± 0,6% or ± 3 mm*)
  • width
  • W(3) ± 0,6% or ± 3 mm*)
  • rectangularity
  • S(5) ± 5 mm/m
    Bending strength levelBS50≥ 50 kPa
    Level of dimensional stability under specified temperature and humidity conditionsDS(70,90) 5%
    Class of dimensional stability under constant normal laboratory conditionsDS(N)5± 0,5%
    Dynamic stiffness level**)SD 20-40 MN/m3
    Declared thermal conductivity ratio λD at a temperature of 10°C0,045 W/(m*K)
    Fire reaction classE

    *) Value which offers higher tolerance
    **) Dynamic stiffness value for the appropriate thickness given table below

    Thermal resistance RD and dynamic stiffness value SD for thickness

    Nominal thickness, mm17/1522/2027/2533/3038/3543/4053/50
    RD, m2K/W0,350,450,600,700,800,951,15
    SD, MN/m340403030202020

    Dimensions of boards, volume of packages, surface for specific thickness in package.
    Standard dimension of boards: 1000 x 500 [mm]

    Thickness [mm]*)17/1522/2027/2533/3038/3543/4053/50
    Number of boards in package [pieces]35272218151411
    Volume of package [m3]0,2980,2970,2970,2970,2850,3010,292
    Surface of boards [m2]17,5013,5011,009,007,507,005,50

    *) Thickness of boards before and after loading of cement screed with thickness of 50 mm


    Before the placing of a layer of acoustic insulation made of SUPER AKUSTIC flexible floor boards, clean and level out the base (ceiling). Any unevenness must not exceed 3 mm in a measurement with a 2 meter liner. Plaster the walls before putting EPS boards in place.
    SUPER AKUSTIC floor boards should be arranged so that they adhere closely one to another. By walls and other vertical elements (such as pipes, door frames), place EPS vertical edge strips which should reach from the base (ceiling) to the upper surface of the floor. It is recommended to place EPS vertical edge strips of at least 10 millimetres in thickness.
    Place a protective layer such as polyethylene film of minimum thickness of 0.1 millimetre, or bituminous tar paper on the EPS boards, with an overlap of 10 cm on the edge strips.
    The screed thickness should not be less than 40 millimetres and should match the brand of the mortar, load in the room and the distribution of the expansion joints. It is recommended to reinforce the floor screed with steel mesh.


    Do not use SUPER AKUSTIC floor boards in direct contact with substances having destructive effect on polystyrene, such as organic solvents (acetone, benzene, nitro), etc.

     Package, storage, transportation

    SUPER AKUSTIC floor boards are supplied in the original manufacturer's packaging only. The label on the packaging contains the following information: product name, manufacturer's name and factory name, production date, Standard EN 13163:2012 number, code according to this standard, declared technical characteristics.

    SUPER AKUSTIC floor boards should be stored in a manner to protect them against damage and weather conditions.

    Technical sheet SUPERAKUSTIC floor(0.28MB)pdf  download
    Certyficate of conformity ITB-851W(2.58MB)pdf  download
    Certification Mark(0.74MB)pdf  download
    Declaration of Preformance SUPERAKUSTIC 017-DoP-180306(1.54MB)pdf  download
    Certificate No 081/2019 of Type II Environmental Declaration(0.79MB)pdf  download


    TERMONIUM dach-podłoga (roof-floor)