Acrylic Paint WHITE

Acrylic Paint WHITE

  • good opacity with only one application
  • based on water dispersion of acrylic resins
  • matt surface
  • white
  • for inside use
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WHITE paint is a water miscible acrylic paint in the form of dispersion based on a mix of top-quality resins, pigments, fillers, as well as improvers and protective additives. The paint forms a matt coat, ensuring good opacity with only one application.

WHITE paint is intended for inside use to paint walls, ceilings and other construction base surfaces, such as cement, cement/fibre, gypsum boards, plasterboards, and gypsum, cement, cement/lime plasters, concrete base surfaces, other surfaces (e.g. putties and finishing coats based on gypsum and cement mixes).

Technical data

Temperature of application and of the base surface:between +5ºC and +25ºC
Drying time:1÷2 hours *)
Estimated consumption:0.10÷0.13 l/m2 **)
Estimated yield: 8.0÷12.0 m2/l **)
Application of next layers:after 2 hours minimum
Recommended number of layers: 1÷2 depending on the absorbency and condition of the base surface
Storage: The paint is suitable for application 12 months from the date of manufacture provided it is stored in the original, sealed packaging, in dry conditions. Store and transport in originally sealed packaging, in a temperature of between +5ºC and +25ºC. Do not store the palettes one on top of another. Protect against frost and direct exposure to sunlight.

*)With the temperature of the base surface and of the environment of approx. 20ºC and relative air humidity of approx. 50%.
**)Actual consumption may differ slightly from the above figures depending on the smoothness and absorbability of the base surface, manner of application, temperature in the room, etc.

 Preparation of the Surface

The surface should be clean and dry. Before applying the paint, remove any old loose parts of the base surface which reduce adhesiveness, old paint and plaster coats with insufficient adhesiveness. Remove any dust, dirt, remnants of oil or emulsion paint and any agents which prevent adhesiveness (oils, greases, waxes). Repair any cavities in the base surface with the appropriate materials, depending on the surface type. Paint new plasters after they have dried, no sooner however than 28 days after they have been placed. Treat absorbent surfaces (e.g. aerated concrete) with TO-GU universal primer or diluted WHITE paint. Treat strongly soiled surfaces with PRIMING paint.


WHITE paint is supplied ready to use. Stir the paint thoroughly before painting. Do not mix it with other paints, mortars, etc. Manual or mechanical methods of application are allowed: with a roller, paintbrush or by spraying, depending on the conditions and state of the base surface, making sure the paint is applied evenly. The temperature of the painted surface and of the environment during the painting should be between +5°C and +25°C. Where it is necessary to adapt the product thickness to the application method of choice, after stirring the paint may be diluted with clean water no more than 5% by volume. After the paint dries, no sooner, however, than after 2 hours, another layer can be applied. Factors such as the absorbency of the surface, temperature and humidity of the air and/or of the surface in the painted spaces have a considerable effect on the quickness of paint drying. Protect the surfaces which are not to be painted (doors, windows, etc.) thoroughly to avoid splashing them with the paint. Rinse fresh splashes of paint immediately with plenty of water. After it dries, the paint can only be removed mechanically.Wash the tools with clean water immediately after use.


In case of contact of the product with eyes or skin, rinse them with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Keep away from children. During work, wear protective clothing and eye.

 User safety

In addition to the above recommendations, follow good building practice and work-safety rules. The manufacturer warrants the quality of the product but has no influence on the manner, place and conditions of its storage and application. Painting work should be done by professionally qualified contractors. The conditions in which the paint is prepared and the manner of its application may have an effect on the appearance of the surface.

Technical sheet Acrylic Paint WHITE(28.57KB)pdf  download


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