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Thermal insulation Termo Organika system is a complete thermal insulation for external walls

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Termo Organika is Poland’s largest manufacturer of expanded polystyrene boards. We are the only company to produce HOT DOTTED EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE – insulation material with high guaranteed quality, containing graphite composite which enhances the insulation properties of expanded polystyrene.

From the very outset of its existence, which is since 1997, Termo Organika has put great emphasis on the quality of its products. Qualified and professionally trained staff, who use state-of-the-art machinery, are capable of developing products made to the highest international standards.

Being one of the first EPS manufacturers in Poland, Termo Organika has launched a modern laboratory which regularly checks the characteristics of insulation materials. The production process uses raw materials from the most renowned world manufacturers. All products comply with EN 13163 standard or hold Technical Approvals issued by the Building Research Institute (ITB).

We manufacture and sell primarily insulation expanded polystyrene boards made to any dimension and thickness, and our offer also includes all types of pre-forms, claddings and profiles. Thanks to our advanced technology, we are capable of generating expanded polystyrene elements of practically any shape.

In 2006, the composition of HOT DOTTED expanded polystyrene was modified by introducing specialty designed refiners, which contributed to the generation of an entirely new category of EPS boards and an extension of the range of products the company offers. The polystyrene by Termo Organika is inimitable because it is secured like banknotes. Its originality can be checked in ultraviolet light.

The company was founded in 1997 in Mielec, and currently has four plants – in Mielec, Głogów, Siedlce and Rypin, and a building chemistry production plant in Pyrzyce. It covers the whole country, having a widely developed network of points of sale.

Termo Organika - the largest EPS manufacturer in Poland.
For 20 years now Termo Organika has been providing the houses of Polish families with thermal insulation.